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KONCINAMEDIA offers a variety of premium, yet approachable digital marketing solutions for companies of all industries and sizes.

Social Media Management
Content Creation
Web Development
Mobile Development
Why us?
Fresh Perspective
It’s time for the dinosaurs of agencies to stop overcharging their clients for mediocre results, and it’s
time for us to bring some fresh wind into this industry.

We make sure that our services are reliable, always making
sure that you can focus on your business and sleep easily while we tackle the challenges.
In today’s market, no single solution is the answer to everyone’s problem. We adapt our services to your individual needs.
Tangible Results
We offer remarkable quantitive results that speak for the effectiveness of our approach, ensuring that you always know exactly what you arere paying for.
Satisfied Clients
Generated Likes
Generated Views
Number Of Content Created
Our Process
The core to our success can be found in our process. While we disclose most of it, we of course, have
our own secret sauce. The good news is, if you are our client, you get to taste it!

True professionals should always analyze the client’s core problem. This step helps us avoid band-aid
fixes so we can really dig into solving your problem!


Once the problem in need of addressing is clear, we search through a variety of options to find the best
fit for your individual case, both quality and price-performance wise.

Secret Sauce

Everything is tied up using our secret sauce, which turns all of the research into simple, tangible steps
that should be taken in order to solve your problem.


Following the steps from the previous phase, we now put all the solutions in place and focus on
monitoring the results of the solution.


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